Guest Lectures

Welcome Remarks Objectives of the Seminar - Assoc. Prof Peter Waiswa
Current Status of the EPI program in Uganda and plans for sustainability - Dr. Henry Luuze (MOH)
Key findings from Gavi FCE findings - Gilbert Asiimwe (IDRC)

A presentation by Dr Ankur Mutreja, PhD
Faculty, Department of Medicine

University of Cambridge

Presenter : Majid Sadigh, MD, Director of Global Health WCHN/UVMCOM

Ebola Viral Diseases in West Africa - personal observation


The Quest for a Safe, Effective and Affordable HIV Vaccine Specific for Uganda

Historical Backgrounds
Definition and Prevalence
Types and severity of mistreatment
Negative impact of perceived mistreatment
GQ Study
Who is doing it?

AIGHD Uganda (Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development), former INTERACT (Infectious disease Network for Treatment and Research in Africa).

Located at MUJHU Research House 3, 2nd Floor, Upper Mulago.

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

Autism In Children
Mark Pesner, Ph.D.
Private Practice
New Jersey, United States

Autism in Children: An Overview Country Experience-UGANDA     
Dr.Kakooza Angelina.M

•Discuss the current challenges in our health systems
•Describe global interventions, success and failures
•Discuss the promising opportunities in mobile technologies and social enterprise
•Present case studies and the vision for the future
  • Introduction To Clinical Mycology by  Riina Richardson
  • Diagnosis Of Fungal Infections: Quo Vadis? by Prof. Malcom Richardson