Day of Lung Science

Day of Lung Science_July 2017 
Presenter: Dr. John Hurst
Reader in Respiratory Medicine
University College London
Day of Lung Science_August 2017 
Presenter: Dr. Adithya Cattamanchi
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment Considerations in Low Resource Settings
Dr. Gerald Miyingo-Kayingo.
Program Director & Assistant Professor
University of California-Davis
Day of Lung Science_June 2017
Topic: Researching TB treatment: Waksman, Wallace and Wandegeya
Presenter: Prof. Andrew Nun
Associate Director and Senior Statistician
Medical Research Council

Day of Lung Science (DOLS)

Topic: Lung Microbiome and Asthma

Presenter: Dr. Rebecca Nantanda.

Chair: Freddie Bwanga

Burden and genomics of Acute respiratory failure and respiratory distress syndrome in Uganda: What we know so far.
Dr. Arthur Kwizera, MBChB, MMed
Lecturer and Anesthesiologist-Intensivist at Makerere

Discover the unanswered questions on childhood asthma, a fertile ground for research topics.

Topic : Personalized/Precision Medicine for Asthma: The Clinical Approach
Prof. Thys van der Molen MD, PhD
Professor of Respiratory Medicine Groningen Research Institute for Asthma and

Day Of Lung Science
Topic :Pulmonary Hypertension in HIV in Africa: Epidemiology and Pathogenesis
Bruce J Kirenga, MMed.
Martin Okot-Nwang, MMed