MEPI-Neurology has improved in-country neurology expertise and better knowledge of the epidemiology of neurological disease and is to assist the Ministry of Health to establish effective policies for the treatment and control of neurological diseases and will improve outcomes.

Students during COBERS at Kalisizo Hospital, 2015

Dr. Ddumba Edward carrying out assessment of students during the COBER’S site at Masaka Regional referral hospital, 2014

Video-conferencing with CWRU Neurology Institute, Epilepsy center, 2013 with graduate and undergraduate medical students Davis lecture theatre.

Prof. Elly Katabira carrying out the training of health practitioners at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, 2014

Dr. Edward Ddumba during the health worker’s training, 2014

Student led discussion regarding their neurology research activities and presenting their research findings to the team. Dr. George Akabwai presenting his results in 2014.

(In the Middle) “The Mepi-Neuro program has broadened my understanding of paediatric neurology. I have been able to develop more skills in treating children with neurological disorders. Most importantly, I have begun my career in neurological research.”Dr. Deogratias Munube

“I was honoured to have been part of MEPI - Neurology 2013-2014 as l was offered an opportunity to develop my post graduate research project as well as improving my skills and knowledge in field of Neurology through regular mentorship meetings. Thank you Case Western and Makerere University for this great opportunity.  Dr. Mugwano Isaac”

Sudden Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) presentation by Prof. Samden Lhatoo with post graduate students October 2014, Mulago Senior Common room

Neurology epidemiology survey, study staff measuring the blood pressure of a study participant December 2014

The team from Case Western University visited the COBERS  in July 2015.-Prof Devereux ,Prof.Martha kalisizo team and Neurology team from Makerere  university College of Health sciences.

COBERS site visit and students’ training at Kalisizo Hospital, July 2015. Sitting front row (Prof. Martha Sajatovic, Dr. Angelina Kakooza, Dr. Edward Ddumba, Dr. Michael Devereux, Prof Elly Katabira and Dr. Douglas Flagg) Standing behind medical students and hospital staff after a neurology session.

Prof. Elly Katabira during the community visit  , July 2015

Neurological awards: