What is going on at MESAU?

Patient presentation - Louis Nyende
Dilated Cardiomyopathy - Dr. Joselyn Rwebembera
Management of dilated cardiomyopathy - Dr. Isaac Ssinabulya
Cardiomyopathesis - Dr. Mungoma Micheal

1. Dr. Kigonya Victor - 3 year female with abdominal swelling
2. Dr Luutu Israel - Nephroblastoma: Role Of Radiation Oncology
3. Dr Joyce Balagadde Kambugu - Role of Paediatric oncologist in management of Wilms tumour
4. Dr Aujo Carol - Wilms Tumor- Clinical Presentation

Patrick Lydia (MMED I)
Kampire Leatticia (MMED I)
Attuta Robert (MMED I)
Tutor: Dr Eric Wobudeya

Presenter: Dr. Doris Mwesigire-Mutabazi

Topic: Quality of life of HIV patients attending an urban clinic in Uganda: A cohort study

Opponent: Dr. Francis Bajunirwe, Department of Community Health, Mbarara University of Science and Technology


Undergraduate students’ contributions to health service delivery through communitybased education: A qualitative study by the MESAU Consortium in Uganda

Background: It has been realised that there is need to have medical training closer to communities where the majority
of the population lives in order to orient the trainees’ attitudes towards future practice in such communities. Although community based education (CBE) has increasingly been integrated into health professions curricula since the 1990s, the contribution students make to service delivery during CBE remains largely undocumented. In this study, we examined undergraduate health professions students’ contribution to primary health care during their CBE placements.

Presenter: John Rubaihayo (BSc, MSc, MPH)

Title: Effect of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) on trends of selected Opportunistic infections and mortality among HIV positive individuals enrolled with The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in Uganda

Presenter : Ronald Kiguba

Topic : Pharmacoepidemiology of Medication Errors and Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions in the Ugandan Healthcare System