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Topic:  Improving stroke prevention and outcomes in Uganda: a population survey and hospital based study

Fogarty program develops bioethics expertise in Uganda

As the HIV/AIDS epidemic took hold in Africa in the 1990s, researchers studying ways to treat and prevent the disease struggled with the ethical questions involved. Was it appropriate to use placebos in trials of drugs that were already proven effective in high-income countries? How could they ensure research subjects were not unduly influenced into participation when the alternative in many cases was no treatment at all? How could investigators clearly communicate the potential risks to populations with little education and low literacy?

Definitions Theories of  psychosocial development Basics of brain development How to optimally support psychosexual, emotional , social and moral development

Topic : Personalized/Precision Medicine for Asthma: The Clinical Approach
Prof. Thys van der Molen MD, PhD
Professor of Respiratory Medicine Groningen Research Institute for Asthma and

MakCHS research on empowering people to detect and assess claims about treatments features in international press

Please recieve this news article about research work being done by Prof. Sewankambo and Colleagues (Allen Nsangi and Dr.

African medical education program enters next phase

Medical student works with a patient, teacher and other students observe

Photo by Richard Lord for Fogarty

Fogarty is helping to plan the next phase of the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) to continue to  build health and science capacity in Africa.

Fogarty is working with its partners to plan how to build on the success of the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and continue to strengthen and expand capacity building in sub-Saharan Africa. The Center has released two new program concepts that outline possible next steps.

Topic: Communication Practices of Children on Antiretroviral Therapy and the Role of Family Situations, Jinja District, Uganda: Variations and Tensions.
PhD Candidate: Phoebe Kajubi