What is going on at MESAU?

Endocrinology (MED) Unit Grand Round


1. Case Presentation: Dr. Joseph Rudasingwa

2. Clinical Features: Dr. Rejani L O

3. Diagnosis: Dr. Rejani L O

4. Imaging: Dr. Christine Nakayima

5. Management: Dr. Kirenga Bruce and CTS

Grand Round Presentation
Ward 1 C
Dr. Mworozi
Dr. Lubega Irene,
Dr.Sabrina Kitaka,
Dr. Mbabazi Nestor
Dr Nambooze Nuriat,
Dr Hongella Christina,
Dr Namugerwa Shamim,
Dr. Ssematala Hawa,
Dr. Stella Wachepa

Welcoming remarks, objectives of meeting and introductions - Prof. Nelson Sewankambo, MakCHS

Research Utilization and Knowledge Translation Approach of Project SOAR (Supporting Operations AIDS Research) Dr. Samuel Kalibala Research Utilization Advisor SOAR, Washington DC

Candidate: Dr. Ian G Munabi. Assistant Lecturer Department of Anatomy
Makerere University college of Health sciences, School of Biomedical Sciences.

PhD Student: Scovia Nalugo Mbalinda (BScN, MSc)
Topic: Reproductive Health and Health Related Quality of Life of Perinatally HIV-infected Adolescents

Topic: Communication Practices of Children on Antiretroviral Therapy and the Role of Family Situations, Jinja District, Uganda: Variations and Tensions.
PhD Candidate: Phoebe Kajubi