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Evaluation of the Impact of Community Based Education

Evaluation of the impact of Community Based Education:  MESAU institutions have carried out a baseline study to evaluate the impact of community based education (CBE) programs on their students. The tools used to collect the baseline data can be utilized freely for education and research purposes only but not for commercial use.

Please find attached the tools:


Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS)Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics Presents a Grand Round Webinar 

Article from PLoS: Getting More Generous with the Truth: Clinical Trial Reporting in 2013 and Beyond


Read the open-access, full-text article here:

Getting More Generous with the Truth: Clinical Trial Reporting in 2013 and Beyond

Abstract: The PLOS Medicine editors discuss the recent initiative from the European Medicines Agency to commit to releasing clinical-trial data and how important such moves are for rebuilding trust between the pharmaceutical companies and society.


On  15th January 2013 a MESAU Grand Round Webinar was organized by Mbarara University of

E-Learning for MESAU Students


New Resource on Scientific Research Integrity

As scientists, we’re well acquainted with the importance of protecting our research from factors that could undermine objectivity. And as the nation’s largest single funder of biomedical research, it is vitally important that the public trusts the research NIH supports.