What is going on at MESAU?

Candidate: Dr. Ian G Munabi. 
Assistant Lecturer Department of Anatomy
Makerere University college of Health sciences, School of Biomedical Sciences.
Opponent: Prof. Pius Okong, Chair of Uganda Health Services Commission.
Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment Considerations in Low Resource Settings
Dr. Gerald Miyingo-Kayingo.
Program Director & Assistant Professor
University of California-Davis
Day of Lung Science_June 2017
Topic: Researching TB treatment: Waksman, Wallace and Wandegeya
Presenter: Prof. Andrew Nun
Associate Director and Senior Statistician
Medical Research Council

A Grand Round by the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health

Candidate : Dr. Sarah Nakubulwa M.B.Ch.B, M.MED OBGYN
Opponent : Assoc. Prof. Pius Okong MD, PhD
Uganda Martyr’s University, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Noeline Nakasujja receives an award in recognition of the outstanding work done in neuroscience at the Society of Neuroscientists in Africa

Dr. Noeline Nakasujja after recieving the award.

The Society of Neuroscientists of Africa (SONA) is the largest organization of Neuroscientists on the African continent and serves as the umbrella organization for all African national neuroscience societies. SONA conference is a biennial, pan-African event that rotates all over the continent, the last having been held in Durban, South Africa (2015).

A public Health Leacture Organised by The Makerere University Centre of Excellence for Maternal Newborn and Child Health in partnership with the Centre for Health Human Rights. The challenges of maternal health still abound in Uganda and are now beginning to attract Litigation.