PhD training

This is the first time in the history of Uganda to have 3 students pursuing PHDs with a CVD focus.


  1. Dr. Emmy Okello: Topic: Burden, Risk Factors and Outcome of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Uganda. Dr Okello successfully defended his PhD and graduated in January 2015, has 3 publications, a fourth manuscript submitted.
  2. Dr. Jane Nakibuuka: Topic: Improving prevention and outcome of stroke in Uganda: population survey and hospital based study. She has completed data collection, has three publications, a manuscript under review and working on other manuscripts.
  3. Dr. James Kayima: Topic: Hypertension control in Uganda; epidemiology, Genetics and clinical attributes. He has done the genetics analysis at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). He has two publications, has submitted another manuscript and is working on other manuscripts.


CVD awards: