MakCHS research on empowering people to detect and assess claims about treatments features in international press

Please recieve this news article about research work being done by Prof. Sewankambo and Colleagues (Allen Nsangi and Dr. Daniel Semakula of MakCHS, and other researchers in Norway, Kenya, UK and Rwanda) on empowering people, especially children to assess claims people make about the effectiveness and safety of treatments, and how to make appropriate health choices in the face of such claims.The interevention teaches and evaluates understanding of concepts of evidence-informed decision-making to children and their parents.This work, which is part of the Informed Health Choices Research Project is being implemeted by MakCHS under the leadership of Prof. Sewankambo, as a large cluster-randomised trial involving over 15,000 children in 120 primary schools, in four districts in Uganda featured in international press.Here is the link to the article.