A large scale community epidemiology survey

  • Neurology Survey. A study  to determine the prevalence of neurological disorders in Urban and rural population in Uganda and also assess the knowledge and attitudes to perceptions of neurological disorders and associated major risk factors in subjects with neurological disorders  was completed  with over 3,000 participants in year 2 and also analyzed 200 blood samples.
  • This survey provided baseline neurology data on prevalence and risk factors and will facilitate research training. Data from this survey is being analyzed. A manuscript is under development, and several other scientific drafts are in-progress.
  • Publications. The program published 2 peer-reviewed research articles in major international journals. Four additional articles have been submitted to journals for review.
  • To date, 20 trainees have undergone an EMG skills transfer workshop which been instrumental in improving research and training infrastructure using the procured equipment.
Neurological awards: