How does IT improve learning?

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How does IT improve learning?

Write a 500 word essay explaining why IT improves a student's ability to learn. Please note that the word limit for this essay competition is 500 words. Now quest for the 500USD award for the best essay reviewed by a panel of experts.

Openy Abraham
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IT improves learning in very many aspects as i may list them below with preempted explanations.
.IT involvement in medical fraternity can(an has) help(ed) in the implementation and utilization of online learning(e-medicine) e.g grand round being relayed from other outside universities. and sitting for international examinations online e.g USMLE under MEDSCAPE
.IT gadgets like ipads,tablets,smartphones,etc can ebhence the proper and quick diagnosis and treatment where necessary (e.g on wards, COBERS centers) where a student or even lecturers find it easy to carry and check in for proper diagnosis other than guessing and we must not forget the fact that Humans are not 100% perfect in memory.
.IT facilities like respective Medical School's Websites can help in internationalization of that institution like posting the different research articles,progress of the institution,vision,needs,and activities going on at that university like international partnership, joint research communications.....
.IT social networks unite medics together and making them share medical issues improving their skills too.

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