Distribution Of Computers And Equipment To 5 Cobers Sites



(Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th November 2015)



As part of its efforts to improve the training of medical doctors in Uganda, MESAU gave support to COBERS Sites where students go for community clerkship. In order to achieve this, MEPI-MESAU at Gulu University donated computers to five of the eleven health centres where MBChB students go for community clerkship in their fourth year of study. In addition to the computers was some minor equipment which included the following:


  1. Weighing scales, both infant and adult types.
  2. Baby resuscitators
  3. Theatre gowns
  4. Haemoglobinometer
  5. Plastic reusable Theatre aprons
  6. Stethoscopes (adult, paediatric and foetal)
  7. B.P units for both children and adults
  8. SAHLI tubes with HB scales
  9. Stainless steel kidney dishes
  10. Vaginal specula
  11. Portable stretchers


The distribution of this equipment took place between the 3rd and 5th November 2015 in the following health centres:

  1. Atanga Health Centre III – Pader District
  2. Namokora Health Centre IV – Kitgum District
  3. Padibe Health Centre IV – Lamwo District
  4. Bobi Health Centre III – Gulu District
  5. Mungula Health Centre IV – Adjumani District


The team that distributed the equipment was comprised of the following team members from Gulu University:

  1. Mr. Arnold Mindra – Grants Officer/Project Administrator
  2. Mr. Onen Walter Yagos – Medical Librarian and in-charge of e-books
  3. Mr. Morris Bongomin – Internal Auditor
  4. Mr. Peter Kifedha – ICT Laboratory Technician
  5. Mr. David Cankara – Driver


Atanga Health Centre III – Pader

At Atanga Health Centre III in Pader district, we were informed that some of the equipment we delivered was very vital and was even lacking in most of the health centres in the region. A case in point was the Haemoglobinometer and BP Units which was only one in the health centre, and thus had to be moved from one unit within the health centre, to the other in case of an emergency. The Health Centre staff expressed gratitude over the support rendered by MESAU and pledged to safeguard the equipment, as well as encourage students to learn more through reading the e-books.

Above: Mr. Arnold Mindra handing over a weighing scale to the In-charge of Atanga Health Centre III as part of the equipment donated by MEPI-MESAU.

Namokora Health Centre IV – Kitgum

At Namokora Health Centre IV in Kitgum district, we were well received by the Acting Health Centre In-charge, Mr. Quirino Okot. A room had already been prepared for the students to sit and read while at the Healtth Centre, and this is where the computer was to be installed. The health centre team was extremely excited about the computer loaded with e-books, and pledged to guard them jealously. The equipment which was handed over was very vital with some of the items previously not in existence at the facility. They thanked MEPI-MESAU for supporting the facility and encouraged Gulu University to continue supporting health centres. The acting in-charge specifically demanded that Gulu University starts a Nursing program which would enhance the skills of all the Nursing Officers in the region.

Above: The Acting in-charge Namokora Health Centre with some of the health centre staff and MESAU team, after receiving equipment donated by MEPI-MESAU at the health centre.

Below: Mr. Peter Kifedha demonstrating to some of the staff at Namokora H.C IV how to open and use the e-books installed on the computer.


Padibe Health Centre IV – Lamwo

Padibe HC IV is a very big health centre located in Lamwo district bordering Kitgum. Upon arrival at the facility, we were informed that the in-charge was attending a meeting in Gulu, organized by the Ministry of Health and he was representing the DHO of Lamwo. The acting in-charge, Mr. George Ayella received us well and the items were received and entered into the facility store by the store in-charge. A room had already been prepared for the students, and despite there being no power at the facility due to a technical fault, we installed the computer only waiting for power.

Acting In-charge Padibe HC IV receiving equipment donated by MEPI-MESAU on behalf of the health facility. Looking on is the Stores Officer verifying the equipment.

Bobi Health Centre III – Gulu

Bobi Health Centre III is located on the highway to Gulu, which could possibly be a reason for the low number of people attending the health centre at the time we were there. However, we were informed that during certain seasons the numbers rise, and in particular when students are there, the numbers are overwhelmingly high. At the health centre, rooms was identified for installation of the computer, and once this was done the staff were shown how to access the e-books. Staff were encouraged to read and consult the books but give priority to students while at the facility. The staff expressed their joy to receive the equipment, some of which they did not have before. They promised to safeguard the equipment donated to them, and thanked MEPI-MESAU for the immense support given to their health centre.

Staff at Bobi Health Centre III verifying equipment donated by MEPI-MESAU with the Project Administrator, Mr. Arnold Mindra

Mungula Health Centre IV

Mungula Health Centre IV is located in Adjumani district. The health centre was quite busy, with the recent influx of refugees from South Sudan. We were received by Ms. Lebu Priscilla, a nursing officer at the facility. The team was very delighted to receive the computer and equipment, acknowledging the fact that they had never received a trolley before and thanks to MESAU, they now had one. They emphasized the need for students to be enthusiastic while at the health centre and be willing to learn more. They also promised to take good care of the equipment, and ensure that the students fully utilize the e-books.

Above: The MESAU team with the staff of Mungula Health Centre IV in Adjumani district, after receiving equipment donated by MESAU Gulu on 5th November 2015.

Below: Mr. Arnold Mindra Project Administrator MESAU Gulu handing over theatre gowns to Ms. Lebu Priscilla, the nursing officer at Mungula Health centre IV.

Above: Mr. Peter Kifedha, the Gulu University Faculty of Medicine Computer Lab Attendant installing one of the computers at Mungula Health Centre IV


Overall the distribution exercise was a very successful one, with over 15 assorted items distributed to 5 health centres in the districts of Pader, Kitgum, Lamwo, Gulu and Adjumani. The health centres were very happy to receive the items, and pledged to continue supporting the students while at the health centres. All the health centres visited were eager to receive the students. Following this exercise, the students have received internet modems for the 5 health centres which they will use to access internet for research and further reading.



It was evident that all the eleven health facilities where students are taken for COBERS should receive this equipment, as it is very vital for their learning purposes. This issue was tabled to the IIC of MESAU Gulu, and it was agreed that the remaining 6 health centres be availed with computers and equipment. This will be done in the month of November-December 2015, once funds are released.