In order to achieve a coherent community based training in cardiovascular disease; we developed a competence-based cardiovascular curriculum component in the first year of the award. This year the component was integrated in the curriculum for the medical schools in Makerere and Mbarara in a process supported by the MEPI-MESAU programmatic award to which this cardiovascular project is linked. We have designed a tool to help us assess student’s competences in defined MESAU domains with specific reference to CVD, a pre and post assessment is given to students before and after COBERS placements to determine how much knowledge and skill has been obtained. Students also carry with them a tool to the COBERS site to assess availability of tools for CVD assessment/management as well as their utilization at the health facility. Students are also encouraged to utilize the resources at the community health facility as much as they can to consolidate their knowledge and as they do this they add value to the community as well.

CVD awards: